Are you an aspiring video game artist?

Find everything you need to design, develop and pitch your AAA game in this Rubika 2D & 3D Video Game Design Course.

Offered at the CreaTech Animation & Game Lab, it will equip you with the strong technical skills that are sought after by studios, developers and emerging tech companies.

Expect to dive deep into Programming II (C++), Programming with Unity, Graphism 2D and 3D and other exciting modules.

You'll also work closely with lecturers from both Rubika and ADMI which will place you in the same league as countless Rubika alumni who have gone on to work for Fortune 500 companies.

Upon completion of the Rubika Video Game 2D Certificate, Video Game 3D Diploma and the Rubika Video Game Market Diploma, you'll earn a Bachelors(Undergraduate) Degree in Video Game Design and Development from Rubika in France.

Are you ready to take the first step to your game design career?  Join the CreaTech Animation & Game Lab today.

Program Overview
Course duration: 3 years
Credit: Credits towards Bachelors in Game Design and Development from Rubika in France

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RUBIKA?

RUBIKA is a top ranked animation and game design institute based in France. Since 1987, RUBIKA's schools have shaped students to become remarkable actors in the fields of animation, videogame and design. You too can be trained to become excellent in your field of specialization, able to adapt into an international workplace. 

RUBIKA has partnered with ADMI to create the CreaTech Animation and Game Lab. This project will support promising animators and game designers through training, apprenticeship, incubation, investment and distribution.

Students will be taught jointly by ADMI and Rubika trainers in an intensive program based in fully equipped animation and gaming labs at our state-of-the-art campus. Students in the program will be assigned a dedicated high-specification workstation, loaded with the latest software and learning aids, to use for the duration of their certificate or degree program. 

When Can I Join CreaTech Animation & Game Lab?

Intake is in progress for the May 2020 cohort. Once you fill in the form above, we will send you relevant information that will help you make the right career decision. Our admission counsellors will also get in touch with you to answer any questions that you might have about your application.

What Will Happen After I Graduate?

The RUBIKA Game Design & Development Course will give you the fundamental skills required to work in a variety of roles such as:

Video Game designer
Game artist
Game programmer
Game developer
Mobile App developer

Games are big business–the global gaming market is worth $100 billion a year! The mobile gaming market alone is worth $40 billion a year.

Upon further study, you could use your game art skills to work for a game development studio both locally and abroad. You could also launch your own independent studio. You will have all the skills you need to create the art for the next Angry Birds or Candy Crush.