Go from novice to digital marketing expert with ADMI Online

Now you can take your digital marketing skills up a notch from the comfort of your home. Our faculty and administration have all migrated online to offer you the same exceptional education - still global, practical, digital, value-based and transformational!

If you’re involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies in your organization, this Digital Marketing Certificate will take your skills to the next level.

Program Overview
Class Schedule:
Every semester
Average of 2 units per semester with 24 contact hours each.

Dynamic lectures, case studies and group discussions will expose you to the latest tools and techniques required to succeed in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Discover the world of online sales and advertising, social media management and growth hacking which will improve your organizations’ digital marketing and brand-building efforts.

You’ll use Marketing Automation Software, Email Marketing Software, Google Adwords, Facebook Business Manager in fully equipped computer labs.

Students may enrol in the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Class depending on their experience level.

Whether you want to be an SEO expert, social media manager, marketing analyst or lead a digital marketing team, this certificate will take you from newbie to expert.  

Are you ready to upgrade your skills? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform do you use for online classes?

ADMI has a customized, proprietary learning management system program designed to combine all the benefits of on-campus and online learning. Our platform offers best-in-class features such as in-class webinars, student satisfaction surveys, calendar integration and more.

How can you offer a practical education online?

There are two types of classes at ADMI – those that are fully online and those that are hybrid. Whichever you choose, you can expect a fully practical education. This is because all classes at ADMI have an experienced industry practitioner guiding you as you do your best work. Most classes, including sound production, animation and graphic design, allow you to exchange ideas with your mentors and classmates even when you are working remotely. However, a few classes, namely photography and film and TV, integrate intensive practical projects on campus.

What if I don’t have equipment?

We use a lot of online tools that substitute for having your own equipment. But if you still need your own, talk to our Finance Department to see if you qualify for the Creative Toolbox, our special equipment financing program. You may be eligible to get a laptop, software and equipment to get started turning your creativity into a career.

But will my teachers know how to teach online?

ADMI’s faculty are required to undertake at least 3 levels of training on how to teach online. All core faculty have certifications from top teacher training programs, including the University of New South Wales and the University of Leeds.

I’m worried about the cost of data, though….

Don’t worry. ADMI’s got you! Our Distance Learning program provides students with free data for all school-related logins, making learning from home super-affordable.